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Wang Min Meet with guests of JILLIN HANXING GROUP
Published:2014/3/3 9:44:48

Jinan Daily  Friday Feb. 28, 2014

Wang Min Meet with guests of JILLIN HANXING GROUP


Author: Wang Duanpeng
Reported by this newspaper on Feb. 27, (reporter Wang Duanpang) Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Min met with the president of Jilin Hanxing Group Co., Ltd. Mr.Fang Tieji and his entourage.  
The guest’s trip to Jinan is mainly to inspect and negotiate with the parties concerned with Shanghe County for investment project.
Wang Min showed his welcome to the guests. He briefly introduced the social development situation in our city. He said that as a provincial capital, Jinan is the center of political, economic, culture and financial. The position advantage is clear, the development potential is great. As a well-known enterprise in civil aviation field, Jilin Hanxing Group Co., Ltd. has mature development technology and ample managerial experience. Shanghe County has a good location, a fine environment, and a convenient transportation. In recently years, the infrastructure construction level of Shanghe County is outstanding, and has wide construction and development space. Municipal party committee and municipal government would support the items development with all of his strength. He hopes this item will come true soon and work in practice.
Fang Tieji said that Jilin Hanxing Group Co., Ltd. will speed up the pace of project propulsion and contribute themselves for Jinan’s construction and development.